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Office Open Tuesdays & Thursdays. Other Days By Appointment Only – (251) 313-2115

Full opening when all insurance companies are approved 

Dedicated nurse with face mask sitting at home with senior woman, holding her hands and comforting her.


Dauphin Island Medical GRoup

Available services include: primary care, routine physicals, lab work, IV infusion therapy, salt therapy, and periodic special events including talks on healthcare topics, yoga, and meditation.

Mission Statement

Dauphin Island Medical GRoup

DIMG was originally envisioned by Tessie O’Quinn CRNP in the hopes of providing the community, families, and surrounding people of Dauphin Island with optimal, efficient, and effective patient care that will enrich the lives of this community for years to come. Due to the recent, unfortunate passing of Dr. Joy, the Island needed a primary care provider to service the approximately 1800 residents living on the island. With the help of the mayor and the city council, we will finally have a place to call home starting in January 2023.

We are operating the clinic with the help of volunteers and donations. We are deeply indebted to the residents of the island and look forward to being an asset to the community. For the time being we plan on opening Tuesdays and Thursdays, along with telemedicine options and home visits for DIMG members. As our business grows we look forward to expanding our work hours.

Primary Care

Our licensed healthcare professionals care for the whole person. Over time, we get to know each individual’s health and are trained to keep each unique person well and provide care when sickness occurs. 

Wellness Retreats

We invite you to leave the chaos of the mainland behind as you make your way to our waterfront island getaway to improve your health by addressing the body, mind, and spirit. 

Our next retreat is scheduled for January 27 – 30th, 2023! Click below to find out more and reserve your spot. 

Iv hydration

Dauphin Island’s first and most trusted IV lounge. From pain relief to health boosts our custom infusions can fit your needs. 

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