Adrienne Berg

Adrienne Berg was introduced to dance as a child, which fostered in her a love of the movement arts. Seeking relief for back pain and stress reduction led her to begin practicing yoga in 1997. Private study began through various readings and texts, and training has continued. Her emphasis in spinal therapy subsequently led her to the work of Joseph Pilates. Enjoying the compliment of both disciplines, Adrienne began teaching both yoga and Pilates in 2001. She is certified in Pilates Mat work through Body Arts & Science International (BASI) and is currently pursuing Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Training through Balance Body University. Eventually she seeks to begin Therapeutic Yoga Teacher training. Her goal is to never stop learning! A believer in a well-rounded lifestyle, Adrienne is also a practicing Harpist and performs Celtic, Medieval, Classical, and Popular music at weddings and other events. Other interests include composing meditative music, drawing, Ballroom dancing, and hiking – although not all at the same time!

She has a B.S. degree in Marine Biology from the University of South Alabama. Adrienne truly enjoys the process of teaching and working with others to help them create a harmony of body, mind and spirit so they can relate to the world in greater health and ultimately spread greater peace and compassion to others. Her classes might be characterized as meditation in motion – her own eclectic mix of compassionate vinyasa flow, breath work and asana holds designed to suit her students’ needs. Her teaching philosophy is one of respect as she wants her students to learn to value where they are in the present moment, both in their inner journey and outer lives.